Deckadance has everything you need to elevate your DJ performances to the next level. Of course, if you suck as a DJ you will still suck, even using Deckadance, but you will suck better, faster, harder and more creatively than ever before.

Most images in this manual contain live-links, just click on the area of interest.

Note: The Function Panel changes depending on the function selected. Keep an eye on the Tooltips that display a short description of the interface features as your mouse is placed over them (no need to click).

Deckadance 2 | New Features

Deckadance 2 | Notable Features

I don't need the manual!

If you read nothing else then you should read this - A great way to learn how to use Deckadance is to experiment with it. Keep an eye on the Tooltip popup hints as you hover the mouse cursor over interface controls. You can switch them on/off from the Global settings. Finally, controls often have different functions for a left or right-click (Alt + Click), so give anything that can be left-clicked a right-click also.

System Requirements

Deckadance runs multiple threads (audio, graphics, beat analysis, file searching, native USB controller IO, preview monitoring etc) so large performance gains can be expected on multi-core systems.

PC (Windows)

Mac (OSX)

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