Tool Bar

Layout - Choose among the different layouts: 2/4 deck vertical, 2/4 deck horizontal and maximized browser.
Preferences - Audio Setup, Global settings, Layout, File Management, Timecode, Control CD generator, VST Plugins, Remote MIDI Control, MIDI Scripting, Registration, About & Help (this manual).
Screen mode - Swap in and out of full-screen mode.
Disk Recorder - Records the master Deckadance output to WAV file. Recording starts when the button is pressed (red dot) and stops when it is pressed again. The MAIN LEVEL knob will control record level. The file location is set in Preferences > File Management > Disk Recorder file.
Snap - makes any timed features snap to the detected beat.
Snapshot - Takes a snapshot with the current settings for: FX, Eq, Key, Volume and XFader.
Mic - Enable microphone input. If this button is off then microphone line input is muted.
Talkover - Enable microphone talkover function. If it is enabled then main output volume will be automatically lowered when you talk using the mic.