Unlocking Deckadance from Demo

1. Purchase Deckadance

You can purchase Deckadance clicking on the BUY buttons from the Stanton Deckadance website. You can choose between Standard and DVS edition. The DVS edition includes all the features of the Standard edition plus Vinyl/CD timecode support.

After clicking one of the buy buttons you will be redirected to Cakewalk store. Click on the [BUY NOW] button and finish the buying process. Cakewalk account creation is required.

2. Unlock Deckadance

Download and install Stanton Deckadance demo from the Stanton Deckadance website, then:

- Run Deckadance.

- Open the Preferences.

- Choose Registration.

- Go to registration step #1 and export your activation request to a file. Click on the [Standard Edition] or [DVS Edition] button depending in your purchased item. The activation request file will be saved to your desktop (default location).

- Proceed with step #2. Click on the [Activation Website] button. Your default internet browser will be opened and the activation website will be displayed. You will have to log in using your Cakewalk store username and password.

- Once you are logged upload the activation request file generated in step #1. Click on the [Select a File] button and select the activation file (it should be in your desktop) then press the [Submit] button. An activation response file will be downloaded automatically to your computer.

- In the last step #3 just click on the [Import Activation Response] button and select the activation response file that has been downloaded from the activation website.

- A confirmation window should inform you about the success of the process. You should be able to see your product serial number and edition in the INFO section above the resgitration steps.