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Stanton Celebrates Record Store Day 2012

Get your vinyl on! Everyone go out and support your local independent music store on April 21st 2012.

We headed over to “The Record Rack“ a record store that keep music alive by selling Vinyl, Cd’s and music paraphernalia to music enthusiast in Pompano Beach, FL. This record store features a Stanton listening station that includes a Stanton T.55 USB turntable, M.203 DJ Mixer and DJ PRO 90 headphones.

This store blew us away by the selection of old and new releases of vinyl. We went specifically to talk about Record Store Day 2012 and to spread the news of this awesome event that happens nationally all across the country. We spoke with the owner Ritchie Siegrist and asked him to tell us more about the event and why he has used Stanton cartridges for over 30 years?

CS: So what is Record Store Day?

RS: It only happens once a year and it was put together by a couple of guys in a record store in New Hampshire 5 years ago and what they wanted to do was bring people’s awareness to the independent and mom and pop record stores in the US. What they did is, went out to artists and labels and asked them to produce product specifically for the independents, no music chain or whole sellers would be involved. These independent music stores would then have limited edition albums, LPs that may not have ever been released or singles that have been out of print for a while. It could be things like 180 gram, color vinyl, a picture disk vinyl, a 7’ inch single with a color sleeve or for example this year there is an Iggy Pop and the Stooges Live in 2010 album that is being released on a 10’inch colored vinyl.

CS: I had no idea it was such an exclusive event

RS: Oh yeah there are parameters we have to go by like we cannot pre sell items or anything, it is released only on Record Store day. You have to wait in line and buy your stuff first come first served. There is so much that is available that day, it is just crazy and it is limited. For instance the El Camino Black Keys album will be released as a double vinyl LP at 45 RPM. I don’t know where to begin, David Bowie, Ozzy Ozborne live never released, James Brown at the Apollo on a single, Dave Brubeck fantasy on a 10’ LP, The Cure, Janis Joplin, The Knack, A rare Genesis “Spot the Pigeon” 12’inch- I mean if you could find that record back in the day it was worth a bunch of money now they are re-releasing it on Record Store Day.

CS: How excited are you over Vinyl sales coming back and being the fastest growing music format in 2012?

RS: Oh, Let me tell you what, if it wasn’t for Vinyl I would not be open. Vinyl is taking over, it is 95% of my sales a day, because of downloading, iTunes etc it’s killing the CD and DVD business.

CS: Do you use Stanton products?

RS: All my turntables use Stanton cartridges since day one because of its flat response not like Audio Technica’s that color it up. I remember Stanton always being the leader in cartridges and for us hi fi guys we have trusted Stanton cartridges for the last 30 years and hope (fingers crossed) that Stanton will always support vinyl.

CS: Is Record Store day only a Vinyl event?

RS: No, there are Limited Cd releases, posters, t-shirts, and a couple of odd things like music related playing cards but the majority of it is vinyl. There are crazy things like for instance a vintage 1970 Buck Owens and the Buckeroos coloring book that will be re-released. But the goal of Record Store Day is to increase people’s awareness of the independent record stores and what the new trend is… OLD is new again. Vinyl is great because of the quality of the sound and being something of music value that you can hold between your hands rather than iPod. (while everyone in the store laughs)

Well we hope everyone goes and enjoys vinyl again at your local independent music store. For more info on “The Record Rack” visit