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DJ Review of SCS.1 System


The Stanton SCS-1 Digital DJ System is a super-customizable MIDI controller that is recommended for seasoned DJ's that aren't afraid to get down and dirty with mapping configurations. Once the mappings are set correctly, then this setup will be your best friend! Both Decks and the Mixing unit can map their buttons for hot cues, loop controls, effects, and even playback control. You can use this for any genre of mixing and scratching as the PRO-X-Fader inside the SCS1.m is also customizable to feel exactly as the DJ wants. The Decks (SCS1.d) have great 10" platters with high-torque motor and real vinyl feel for those who need it. On top of that, the Stanton SCS-1 system is built like a tank. The Decks are just about as heavy as an analog 1200 and the mixer also feels solid, meaning it is going to last a very long time.

Even though I really liked the Stanton SCS-1 system, there were some shortcomings that I must point out. My first gripe with the system is the setup process. This was, by far, the hardest controller I have ever had to setup. On a Windows machine, you have to load the drivers, the software of your choice, and the Da Router (middleman Stanton software) and make sure they all work together in perfect harmony. Even though the Da Router software has pre-sets for Traktor 1, I still had some controls that either didn't work or were mapped to the wrong channel/deck when using Traktor Scratch Duo. Stanton has advised me that you must have Traktor 1 PRO and no other variation in order to make it work. So, it took some time to actually go into the software and place the mappings where I wanted them within that version of the software. My next issue with the Stanton SCS-1 system is the fact that it does not work with Traktor 2. In order for this system to work with Traktor 2, Stanton must create an updated Da Router program and add new presets. Stanton has just announced on June 18th, 2011 that they are creating a Traktor 2 mapping within Da Router to work with the new software. The SCS-1 system will probably be the perfect system for the new Traktor 2 sample decks and features. My last and final minor gripe is the fact that you cannot use the SCS.1m mixing console as a stand-alone mixing device. The SCS.1m must always be connected to a computer in order to function.


  • Fully Customizable Midi Controller System (best for advanced Mapping Gurus)
  • SCS1.m has Pro-X-Fader crossfader
  • SCS1.d has excellent full-sized platters with high-torque Motor & real Vinyl Feel -Deck & Mixer can Map all Hot Cues, Loop controls, Effects, and playback
  • Excellent Build Quality


  • Difficult and Painful Midi Setup Process
  • Not currently working with Traktor 2
  • Mixing Console cannot be used as a Stand-alone unit.



The World's Most Advanced Mix Controller Although the SCS.1m is in some ways a "mixer," it's more appropriately called a mix controller. Designed in an intuitive DJ mixer format that should be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever stepped behind the decks, the SCS.1m features four channel strips with faders, EQ controls, and high-precision metering, as well as a responsive crossfader, and a straightforward Cue / Monitoring section. The surface layout has been carefully designed so that any experienced DJ can simply step up and begin basic mixing within seconds. The difference, of course, is that tweaking an EQ knob or channel fader, for example, is not actually adjusting analog audio — it's controlling the corresponding EQ or level parameter in your DJ software.

FireWire Computer Connection Designed from the ground up for high-precision software control, the SCS.1d Deck is a dream-come-true for laptop DJs. Based upon the popular layout of the C.304, as well as extensive input from top DJs, this deck's interface is both comfortable and practical — providing a host of "world's first" features at your fingertips. Even better, it ships with a real vinyl disc to provide an extremely natural feel, right out of the box.

Specifically, the SCS.1d offers a tight grip over your music through a high-torque 10" motorized platter, transport controls, navigation keys, rotary encoders, a motorized pitch slider, and a trigger section. Unlike the SCS.1m Mix Controller, the SCS.1d Deck does not offer any direct audio connectivity; all audio I/O remains at the mixer or external soundcard. What the SCS.1d does offer is the best tracking and most intuitive ergonomics of any product in its class — by far.

High-Torque Motorized Platter Central to the amazing SCS.1d is an enhanced version of the award-winning motorized platter from the Stanton T.120 and STR8-150 turntables. This is one of the world's most trusted platter designs, proven through thousands of hours of use by DJs the world over. To be specific, this is a 4.5 Kgf-com, 16-pole, 3-phase brushless DC motor. What that means to you is super-fast .2 second spin up and stop speeds. The motor can also be adjusted to simulate the feel of both super high-torque motors and commonly used low-torque designs. Unbeatable Resolution.

The SCS.1d's high resolution (over one thousand counts per rotation) vinyl tracking system allows for super-accurate mixing and scratching. This system assures that every nuance is captured in real time, and works around the same principles as an optical mouse — so it never wears out. Unlike digital vinyl systems, the SCS.1d's tracking is completely error-free (whereas digital vinyl systems have problems at slow speed). And because there's no interpretation of timecode signal, there's no delay between your movement and your software. Encoders, Navigation, and More.

Much like the SCS.1m, the SCS.1d Deck features four assignable rotary encoders with bright LED rings to control various aspects of your software. Underneath each encoder is an LCD "scribble strip" to let you know what parameter you're tweaking without looking up from the deck. With six control presets for each knob, this is the equivalent of having 24 assignable knobs — built right into your deck! Similar flexibility is built into both the SCS.1d's Navigation section, with its jog wheel for precise control, and Deck selection, which quickly banks between different global settings. In this way, the SCS.1d is like having many "virtual turntables" at your disposal; a single button press is all it takes to switch from one deck to the "next."

Motorized Pitch Slider The pitch slider on the SCS.1d is not only 100mm long for super-smooth pitch adjustments, but it's also motorized, so your deck "remembers" its settings as you switch between decks or presets.

Trigger Pads Directly underneath the SCS.1d's motorized platter is its assignable Trigger section. Comprised of four velocity-sensitive pads, this section can be used to play loops and samples during performance, or for triggering any other MIDI messages to your software. Using these trigger pads in conjunction with the platter provides wild creative possibilities never before possible. While simple in operation, the expressive possibilities are almost endless.


  • The world's premier mixer control surface for laptop DJs and remixers
  • Familiar 4-channel design with intuitive high-precision metering
  • Assignable Encoder section with 360° of LED feedback
  • LCD "scribble strips" for two-way communication with selected DJ software
  • Easy controller mapping into popular DJ and VJ software
  • Navigation section for remote browsing through playlists
  • Mic and Phono / Line input for sampling, archiving vinyl, and remixing
  • Built-in FireWire connections with full Mac and Windows compatibility
  • Perfect as a standalone mix controller, or in combination with SCS.1d deck
  • Balanced, studio-quality TRS output for mains; RCA booth output and 1/4˝ headphones output
  • Unique footswitch input enabling hands-free control of software parameters


  • Flagship deck controller for laptop DJs and remixer / producers
  • Adjustable high-torque 10" motorized platter with vinyl surface and superior tracking
  • 100mm motorized pitch fader with recall for sync with software
  • Velocity-sensitive pads assignable to loops, cue points, etc.
  • Assignable Encoder section with 360° of LED feedback
  • LCD "scribble strips" for two-way communication with selected software
  • Familiar Transport section for direct music control
  • Perfect for adding maximum control capabilities into existing DJ software
  • Easily controls multiple virtual decks for powerful multi-channel mixes