Aggregate Device Editor (Mac only)

You can make a "custom soundcard" using the 'Audio MIDI Setup' application. This allows you configure the internal sound system, CoreAudio, to send system input and output to any of the various devices connected to your Mac. These inputs and outputs will appear as Inputs and Output options in the drop-down menus on the Audio Setup page.

Using the Audio Aggregate Device Editor

  1. Go to the folder applications/utilities and start the program 'Audio midi setup' (it has the MIDI keyboard icon).
  2. You will see that there is an 'Audio' menu at the top of the screen, open it and press the 'Open aggregate device editor'. From here select the soundcards you want to use the outputs from. This will create a new soundcard with the 'aggregated' inputs/outputs of those devices. Select 'Done' and close the aggregator.
  3. These outputs will now appear in the Deckadance Inputs/Outputs drop-down lists as options from the 'Audio Setup page'.