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The Uberstand laptop stand is an essential tool for the traveling laptop DJ / Musician. Most DJ booths and performance venues were not designed to accommodate a laptop, which creates a hassle for the DJ in many spaces. The Uberstand alleviates this issue. Folded, the Uberstand is the perfect travel companion to your laptop. Unfolded, its striking industrial design comes to life and safely elevates your laptop above your work space while providing a specially crafted shelf for your external hard-drive.

  • Stable, rugged laptop stand for use by DJs and musicians
  • Folds flat into a 12" zippered bag (included)
  • Metal - aircraft grade - aluminum and stainless steel
  • Lightweight and small form factor when folded makes it practical to carry around
  • Adjustable shelf to store external hard-drive
  • Saves space on the work surface by lifting laptop above it
  • Reuseable plastic ties and Velcro
  • Available in colors:
    • Silver
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
Stanton Uberstand Reviews
DJ Lord / Public Enemy

DJ Lord Stanton"I Never leave home without my Uberstand .DJing in dark, cramped booths with my laptop never worked out.....until now!"

Paul T.

DJ Paul T for StantonMy connection with Stanton products has been one of practicality and Technology manipulation. The Uberstand is such essential tool for me that its in my DJ bag and used every week at gigs. My Stanton headphones are used both at my home studio and at my gigs serving the relevant highs and lows to my ears. DaScratch Scs3d is an essential tool in my set up when I am doing complex mixes at gigs and it has graced many special gigs with me like the Adidas Originals 60th Anniversary, Henessy Artistry and my monthly radio mix show. And Finally, Stanton cartridges do it for me coz I am a vinyl kind of guy. :)

DJ Smiley/Dave Leal

Stanton DJ UBERSTAND Folding Portable Laptop/Processor Stand Speaks for its self with the coolest colors easy break down and set up never looked so easy the hard drive stand keeps it out of the way and organized.

Supa Dups

As a DJ with Black Chiney Sound working worldwide for over 10 years and producer for artists such as Sean Paul,John Legend, Estelle,Kardinal Offishall, and Mary J Blige, there are certain things I feel I just can't work without. Uberstand is definitely one of them! Whether I'm in the studio or at party, Uberstand is by my side! I keep it at my desk when producing so that I can keep my laptop at eye level and my MIDI keyboard rests perfectly on the lower level where I can use it comfortably. It even has another shelf that holds anything else that I may need to use at the time like my audio interface. The fact that it is so compact and lightweight also makes it a necessity when I DJ. It's so easy to travel with and its unique set up allows me to keep an eye line with the audience, it isolates everything so that I don't have to go back and forth while I mix and it keeps all the wires out of the way. I simply refuse to work without it!