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Alien Tom
Alien TomStanton Featured Artist

Alien Tom is an original member of Southern California's Global Underworld Network and currently DJs Tech House at music festivals, nightclubs, restaurants and trade shows. Tom has worked in the studio with Nine Inch Nails, Photek, Jason Bentley, DJ Craze, DJ Syrena, Da Dammed, and MC Messinian. His DJ sets and productions have been featured on Los Angeles powerhouse radio stations KROQ, KCRW, 91X and KSDS, and he’s performed at electronic dance music festivals including Narnia, Organic, Nocturnal, Moondrop, and Orbit, around the world.

Alien Tom Stanton

Tom, DJ/composer/engineer/producer, has an expansive client base including M.A.C., Ocean Pacific, Anarchy Eyewear, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Insomniac, Go Ventures, Global Underworld and Generations. He’s gained notoriety in the electronic music world with live sets at both large and small-scale events, and with a plethora of remixes.

Whether he’s on the road or in the studio, Alien Tom relies heavily on his gear, the centerpiece of which is the Stanton SA3 and SA5 mixers. He touts the Stanton mixers saying, “The EQ on my Stanton mixer is the most musical I have ever used.” Tom utilizes both digital and vinyl mediums.

As an avid festival attendee, promoter, and performer, as well as a frequenter of trade shows and retail events, DJ Alien Tom knows his stuff when it comes to the world of electronic music and DJ’ing. It’s no surprise that he claims Stanton’s Cartridges to be “the best on the planet, period.” Tom hopes to add a Stanton M.207 to his arsenal of gear in the near future, and will continue spinning mixes that are out of this world.

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