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DJ Anneli
DJ AnneliStanton Featured Artist

In 1994, DJ Anneli discovered the electronic music dance scene, and by 1998 she combined her passion for music with business and became the first female DJ ever touring Sweden. A member of Phantasm Records and Nutek Records, Anneli has booked gigs around the world. From “Universo Paralello” in Brazil to “Fullmoon Festival” in Germany and the infamous “Burning Man” in the Nevada Desert, DJ Anneli is an established figure in the electronic music dance scene and her reputation continues to grow.DJ Anneli Stanton

Her unique breed of psychedelic trance with a twist combined with her penchant for techno, progressive, and electro-house has made her a party favorite. DJ Anneli is renowned for having a knack for picking the perfect track to meet the needs of the dance floor, giving crowds what they want at every gig, and to do this she relies heavily on her Stanton 3000 headphones. As any good DJ knows, to cue in the right track, the DJ has to have an accurate idea of what’s going on in the mix.

"I used a different brand headphone for 8 years before I got the Stanton 3000. I must say that I'm extremely picky about my headphones and the DJ Pro 3000s fit perfectly. They are able to isolate background noise because they are tight on the ears, so I don't need to push the level to be able to hear properly. Yet at the same time they are comfortable to wear.”

“I mix with split-cue on the mixer which means I keep the headphones on both ears during the whole set! Sometimes up to 6 straight hours and there is no problem with the 3000!! I like that they stay in place even though I move around a lot and the coiled cord is a must for DJ headphones!”

“Another quality that I like is that it's possible to push the level up without distortion to the sound, I don't use this a lot but sometimes it's needed. The Stanton headphones also have the perfect balance between all the frequencies low to high. The blue led light is a cool feature, especially since it's one of a kind. It has become my trademark on stage, and people come up and ask me what kind of headphones I have because of this!"

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