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DJ Lord
DJ Lord / Public Enemy Stanton Featured Artist

When stellar "Wheels of Steel" master replaced Terminator X as Public Enemy DJ in 1999, DJ Lord knew he had big shoes to fill. The Chuck D-anointed 'Dwayne Wade' of the turntables, Lord not only filled the shoes but also brought new energy to the legendary Public Enemy shows.

DJ Lord Public EnemyAs a soloist, Lord captivates audiences with his aggressive style of Dubstep, Drum & Bass & Electro sets alongside Hip Hop Breaks & Beats. Lord has performed all over the globe working with a slew of artists including Chuck D's Confrontation Camp, Flavor Flav & Dubstep giants TrillBass.

STR8.150s, “are rock solid”, “When I perform on ‘em it feels like two tank wheels rollin’…Get out the way!”

Originally hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Lord calls Atlanta home. Acknowledged as one of the best turntablists in the world, he was featured in the 2004 documentary, “The Turntablist Chronicles”. He’s scored numerous wins as a turntablist champion in battles including DMC, Kool Mixx and Breaklanta.

Lord’s gear arsenal includes Stanton’s SC System 3, STR8.150 Turntable and 680 Cartridges. Lord says the STR8.150s, “are rock solid” and continues, “When I perform on ‘em it feels like two tank wheels rollin’…Get out the way!” Speaking of the cartridges he says, “for that classic, punchy, high end sound without the skipping....The Stanton 680s have always held it down since the beginning...ask yo momma”

Facebook: Lord Aswod MySpace: DJ Lord
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