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DJ Q45
DJ Q45Stanton Featured Artist

DJ Q45 truly began his career at the bottom, carrying crates for DJs in Jacksonville, Florida. Ten years later, he's a triple threat: talented DJ, radio and TV host and sponsor. After establishing himself as a DJ, he became host of BET's Rap City for three years. Now DJ Q45 is a weekly staple of the Daily Buzz (which reaches 165 U.S. television markets) and became the first Nike store DJ. He also works with NASCAR, hosting the television season premiere for their new show, Changing Lanes, on September 1, 2010.DJ Q45

DJ Q45 made his DJing start at teen parties and studied under legends such as DJ Trans, DJ Capone, and DJ Ron Love. As he worked his way up in the Jacksonville club scene, he developed a large fan base and began his radio career at 92.7 The Beat Jacksonville in 2003, working under Doc Winter, G-Wiz, Easy-E, and T-Roy. Hard work is part of his success story, too—in the beginning he was DJing seven nights a week at clubs in the Jacksonville area.

Most recently, he teamed up with Stanton, endorsing equipment and consulting on future DJ products. DJ Q45 uses the Stanton M.207 mixer, DJ PRO 3000 Headphones and STR8.150 Turntables.

About his choice to use Stanton equipment, DJ Q45 says, "When I was using records I was always getting nasty feedback from the turntables and Crazy Dave's music (my local pro store) said to get the Stanton STR8.150s. Not only did it get rid of the hum, the motor is powerful and the pitch control is very sharp. Meaning, when I push it to the number, it's on the number! And with the way I DJ, I need a turn table that keeps up with me! They're built like a Tank. They get the job done! Nuff said!"

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