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DJ Ready Red
DJ Ready RedStanton Featured Artist

Collins "Ready Red" Leysath, a gold- and platinum-record-winning producer, is back and ready to play. Before he became the producer of one of the most critically acclaimed hip hop groups in the music's history, Ready Red grew up in Trenton, New Jersey where he was influenced by some of the biggest names at the time, such as Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, *Afrika Bambaataa & The Zulu Nation and Kool Dj Herc.

Inspired by Afrika Bambaataa's classic record "Planet Rock," Collins experimented with deejaying which led to the formation of the Hip-Hop group The Mighty MCs with Prince Johnny C and Brother Radee. Like most DJs, he also began exploring the art of production -- and when he moved to Houston, Texas in 1987, his skills as both DJ and producer aligned.

Freshly relocated, it didn't take long for Ready Red to hook up with a record company called Rap-A-Lot and soon after became a full member as DJ and producer of the rap group Ghetto Boys from 1987-91. The popular group produced eight albums, Grip It! On That Other Level reached #19 on the Hip Hop Billboard charts and put Houston on the Hip-Hop map. During that time Ready Red also produced for Scarface (the movie), Willie D, and Choice.

Ready Red uses the STR8.150 Turntable to produce his sounds. He says, "The Stanton STR8.150s are rugged, beautiful and reliable, always there when I need the performance to be right on the money. Simply the best wheel of steel I ever played on."

"Stanton has taken the turntable to the next level. I prefer the straight arms on the STR8 model versus the ST.150s curved tonearm. I can get heavy handed sometimes but the tone arm stays in the groove along with my Stanton 680's. I'm tearing it up all night without the problems most DJ turntables will give you!"

For headphones, Ready Red uses both the DJ Pro 3000 and DJ Pro 2000 "depending on the gig and they both are outstanding and easy on the ears after hours on end of jamming! And for Cartridges, the 680 sound is something to experience!"

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