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DJ Spark
DJ Spark Stanton Featured Artist

DJ Spark is the most treasured DJ of Los Angeles.

DJ Spark, daughter of DJ Silky D of 1580 KDAY, has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon, and is touted as the next Kid Capri. Growing up in a musical household, Spark developed a love for music at a very early age. Under the tutelage of her stepfather, the owner of Secret Weapon Sounds, and LA’s top DJs including legends Mark Luv, General Lee (Uncle Jams Army), and Battlecat (Snoop Dog), Spark developed a name for herself, showcasing her skills and becoming the youngest pro female DJ in history.

Today, Spark is a global act, having toured in Japan, Iraq, and Germany. She’s toured with the likes of Ms. Triniti, IMX, Da 5 Footaz, Paulina Rubio, YoYo, B2K, Sy Smith, Blackstreet and many more. Spark’s dynamic and larger-than-life presence adds to the magic she creates while spinning. Currently, she can be seen sharing the stage with music legend, Teddy Riley.

Beyond her stage presence, DJ Spark gives back to the community through the Bebop to Hip Hop Program, an innovative new public school music program created by Herbie Hancock and Thelonious Monk Jr. Through the program, students at Washington Preparatory High School in Los Angeles have been able to study turntable-ism with DJ Spark for three years.

When it comes to gear, Spark uses KRK speakers, both the VXT and Rokit series, for her monitoring purposes. Her gig equipment list is jam packed with Stanton products including, the SCS.3, STR8.150 turntables, C.324 CD players, the Uberstand, DJ Pro 3000 headphones, and the M.207 mixer. She says, "Perfection is the only word that comes to mind when I think of my Stanton gear.” Spark continues, “I absolutely love my STR8.150's. The straight tone arm is amazing for all my cutting and scratching... to simply call them durable would be an understatement." That’s a pretty strong endorsement from someone who has been a DJ since the age of 12.

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