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DJ GQStanton Featured Artist

“Music on a whole is a full time job. Doctors don’t practice medicine on nights and weekends. You have to live it and run it as a business if you want it to work and be your life.”

Over 15 years of purpose-driven hard work has made DJ GQ the dj who other dj’s envy behind closed doors. Masterful blends of Hip-Hop, Reggae, pop, house and even rock ‘n’ roll set DJ GQ apart as the favorite among partygoers and club owners, who enjoy high-energy, enthusiastic crowds that last until the lights come on.

From humble beginnings as a 15-year old promoter in Jamaica, he’s developed into a nightclub icon in Miami, and his resume reads like that of the music industry elite. Coined “The King of Clubs,” DJ GQ’s rocked venues in ever major U.S. market, from chic boutique parties on South Beach to crowds of over 40,000 in L.A, and has wowed international hotspots from Belize to Qatar, and from Romania to the Bahamas. DJ GQ has artist affiliations from Sean Paul to DMX and from Akon to Maxi Priest; and his corporate connections include Pepsi, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Myspace and many more. DJ GQ’s work has been lauded by such media outlets as MTV, BET, The Source, USA Today, The New Times and countless others.

“The Stanton DJ Pro 3000 headphones are phenomenal. For the past year I haven’t used any others… and because of the quality of sound and comfort, now I can’t use anything else!

“I am now going to a Stanton M.207 mixer, but for about 4 years I’ve used the Stanton SA-3 (2-channel Mixer). For the cost and durability of this mixer, there is no other mixer that comes close. From the EQ to master/cue monitoring (so you can hear scratching in your headphones), this is the best all-around mixer. I had the first generation (in blue), and now have the new SA-3 (in silver) in a second console, and they’ve never let me down!

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