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Mad Linx
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DJ Mad Linx

DJ Mad Linx has been a powerful force on the radio since 1994. Believing one should always strive for greatness, he continues to seek excellence in all that he does.

Linx got his start in radio at WMNF, a community radio station. From there, he moved to WTMP in 1997, becoming Mixshow director by 1998. In 2002, Linx’s strong personality, on-air presence and hip-hop credibility landed him a prestigious gig as the afternoon drive jock for WTMP Hot 96.1 FM, where his legend continued to grow. Eventually, in 2003, he moved to the #1 station in Tampa, WLLD Wild 98.7.

In 2005, Linx's hard work and perseverance paid off when he came to the attention of Black Entertainment Television (BET). The network appointed him the new host of Rap City, its popular showcase of hip-hop music. BET also named Linx the host of its 2005 fall season game show, The Road Show, to rave reviews and ratings. In February 2006, Linx headed back to Rap City full time. Upon his return, the show's ratings increased by 30 percent, and continued to remain high throughout Linx's tenure there.

In 2010, the Tennis Channel made Linx an on-air personality. Regarding this somewhat surprising move, Linx says, "Sports of all kinds have been a passion for me. Now I get to take my entertainment and TV experience up close and personal to a sport I love. It won't be the only one either!"

While staying busy in front of the camera, Linx has never strayed from his passion for turntabling. He regularly DJs and hosts in hot spots around the world, and relies on Stanton’s STR8.150s to get the job done.

"These are the best turntables on the market, bar none," he says. "Compared with every other turntable I’ve used, they have superior torque and stability. The STR8.150 is completely customizable from break speed to reverse play. Everything you ever wished that was better with the 1200 is on the STR8.150."

Mad LinxLinx often pairs his STR8.150s with a pair of his favorite headphones, the Stanton 3000. "These are my favorite headphones," he says. "The EQ and sound level are right on the money. I love the durability and quality construction of the 3000s. When I need to hear what's going on in my mix, it has to be with the Stanton 3000s."

To round out his DJ gear, Linx uses Stanton Slip Mats and the Uberstand laptop stand, which he believes is one of the best inventions ever developed for DJs. "The slip mats are buttery, need I say more," he raves. "And I love the Uberstand. I hate having to break my back from leaning over too much when my MacBook is too low. The Uberstand makes sure that doesn't happen anymore!"

Linx has returned to the Sunshine State to join the staff of WPOW Power 96 as DJ and host of The Power New at 2 show, bringing the newest music and other exclusive offerings to the audience of the popular Miami radio station. "I love being in the Rivera of the south," he says. It's where the best parties are!"

Although he has resided in southern Florida for just a short time, Linx has already become a resident DJ at one of South Beach’s hottest nightspots, The Fontainbleau. He is also the DJ for one of Miami's premier publications, Miami magazine.

"I love to DJ!" notes Linx. "It's where I started and it has brought me to this point. There is no feeling in the world like rocking a crowd, because when I rock, I TEAR THE PARTY DOWN!" Stanton helps him do this.

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