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Miss Joy
Miss JoyStanton Featured Artist

Dancing dominates the downtown Las Vegas club scene, with thousands of people swaying every night to the hypnotic grooves of some of the world's best DJs. One of the premier practitioners of this craft is DJ Miss Joy, who has been wowing crowds in Las Vegas since 2002, when she put on her first show at Rain the Nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino. Just 20 years old when she packed up her modest life in Seattle and made the move to Las Vegas to start her journey in the music industry, she has achieved phenomenal success in her adopted city. "The entertainment business has been really good to me here," she says. "I can stay here and focus on my craft, while people travel from all over the world to see me perform."

A musical force, DJ Miss Joy has won countless awards, including first place in the $10,000 National Lampoon Tours DJ Battle, the largest DJ competition in Las Vegas to date. "I'm very grateful to be able to share my music and make people dance and be happy," she says, and she trusts Stanton to help her deliver a killer set list. DJ Miss Joy most frequently uses the SCS.4DJ USB Mix Station, the DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation and DJ Pro 2000 headphones for her performances, though she also experiments with other Stanton products.

Miss Joy Stanton"I love the SCS.4DJ USB Mix Station, because I'm able to rock a two- to four-hour set with just a 4-gig USB stick and no external laptop," she says. "It's great, because I don't have to carry my heavy turntables, and the equipment itself is just super intelligent. I especially love the associated QuickGrid software. It lets me render all my files really fast. It's a very unique unit that allows you to do so much, yet the sound quality remains professional enough to play in any venue."

As for the DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation, DJ Miss Joy appreciates that the system supports the Virtual DJ software, which gives her access to her entire song library. "I used the DJC.4 when I played a four-hour set, and I just loved experimenting with the controller's different effects. It was very reassuring to know I had endless amounts of music available at my fingertips," she says. The DJ Pro 2000 headphones, however, are her number-one asset. "I love these headphones, because when I DJ and take my headphones off, I'll just slam them down on the DJ booth and start dancing. I'm really in the moment when I perform," she says. "This is how I've broken a lot of headphones in the past, but the 2000s are so lightweight and durable that I never have to worry. Plus, I like that the headphones have a mono/stereo switch, so I can change up the frequency. They work great and sound great."

Besides entertaining eager clubgoers, DJ Miss Joy is also heavily involved in non-profit work through Human Experience, a project she started in 2008, and serving as musical director for the Jump for Joy foundation.

She started Human Experience as an outlet to help her connect with different charities and nonprofit organizations. Essentially, a group of artists meets once a week for an open mic event, during which they raise awareness for different charities and connect with like-minded people. "Being in a club where it's so loud, it's hard to communicate with people," DJ Miss Joy says. "This is a way for me to connect with the community for a whole new level of enjoyment." The Jump for Joy foundation, founded by Anthony Alegrete and Branden Collinsworth, is a nonprofit that helps fight childhood obesity by encouraging children to take part in free-themed fitness camps. "I play music for the kids and build up the energy in the room," she says. "You really need music to set the mood for any type of physical event, because it gets your heart going and keeps you interested."

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