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Stanton SC SYSTEM 1 Rain Certified


DJ Awards LogoBest Pro DJ Controller Hi-end

The World's Most Advanced Mix Controller

Although the SCS.1m is in some ways a “mixer,” it's more appropriately called a mix controller. Designed in an intuitive DJ mixer format that should be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever stepped behind the decks, the SCS.1m features four channel strips with faders, EQ controls, and high-precision metering, as well as a responsive crossfader, and a straightforward Cue / Monitoring section. The surface layout has been carefully designed so that any experienced DJ can simply step up and begin basic mixing within seconds. The difference, of course, is that tweaking an EQ knob or channel fader, for example, is not actually adjusting analog audio - it's controlling the corresponding EQ or level parameter in your DJ software.

FireWire Computer Connection

FirewireThe SCS.1m controls your DJ software and sends/receives audio to Mac or PC via its onboard, studio-quality FireWire connection. FireWire allows a simple, single-cable connection, with all the bandwidth required to handle just about any mixing and controlling task you're likely to need. It also ensures ultra-low latency (delay) of only 1.5ms and high sampling rates (sound quality) of up to 24 bit / 96 kHz. This translates into lightning-fast responsiveness and sound quality that's far beyond competing mix control products.

Rotary Controls (aka “Super Knobs”)

Thumb Mixer EncoderBeyond basic mixing and control, the SCS.1m makes a radical departure from traditional mixers via four rotary encoders (“virtual knobs”) with LED rings and corresponding LCD “scribble strips.” These fully assignable encoders can be mapped directly into functions in the DJ software while providing visual feedback of knob position, even in low-light settings. Underneath, the LCD scribble strips confirm the software parameter being adjusted by each encoder, without the need to check your laptop. Of course, common assignments for these encoders can be saved as presets for fast recall.

Auxiliary Input for Turntables and CD Players

Although designed primarily as a software control surface, the SC System® provides DJs with the ability to connect a “real” turntable or CD player into their Macs or PCs via a switchable Aux input. This input is useful for mixing “real world” sources along with your software, and for sampling or archiving vinyl and other audio into your computer.

Superior Build Quality

Unlike other DJ control surfaces, the SCS.1m Mix Controller and SCS.1d Deck offer truly professional, “no-compromise” build quality. Every knob, fader, LED and LCD is of utmost quality, and even the chassis is designed for years of real-world use in demanding live and studio environments.

SCS.1M Features
  • The world's premier mixer control surface for laptop DJs and remixers
  • Familiar 4-channel design with intuitive high-precision metering
  • Assignable Encoder section with 360° of LED feedback
  • LCD “scribble strips” for two-way communication with selected DJ software
  • Easy controller mapping into popular DJ and VJ software
  • Navigation section for remote browsing through playlists
  • Mic and Phono / Line input for sampling, archiving vinyl, and remixing
  • Built-in FireWire connections with full Mac and Windows compatibility
  • Perfect as a standalone mix controller, or in combination with SCS.1d deck
  • Balanced, studio-quality TRS output for mains; RCA booth output and 1/4˝ headphones output
  • Unique footswitch input enabling hands-free control of software parameters

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SCS.1M Tech Specifications Faders / Encoders Audio
  • 24 Potentiometers (MIDI CC)
  • 4 Virtual-pots with 18 segment LED rings (MIDI CC or Incremental CC)
  • 4 45mm Linefaders (MIDI CC)
  • 1 45mm Crossfader (MIDI CC)
  • 1 Rotary encoder (MIDI CC or Incremental CC)
  • 4 Multicolor 8 character alphanumeric LCDs with contrast control (MIDI SysEX controllable)
  • 6 9-segment LED meters. One for each channel, one L&R pair for master (controllable via MIDI)
Buttons / Switches
  • 37 Momentary backlit pushbuttons (MIDI Note On)
  • 5.96 lbs / 2.71 kg
  • 3˝H x 10.75˝W x 16.75˝L
  • Frequency Response (20Hz - 20kHz) +/- 0.2dB
  • THD+N (at 1kHz) 0.013%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) 105.1dB
  • Sampling Rates 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz
  • Audio Format 16-bit, 24-bit
  • Latency (roundtrip) <5 ms
Inputs / Outputs (Max Level)
  • Phono / Line Input 2 (RCA) Phono / Line switchable, +21dBu unbalanced
  • Microphone Input 1 (1/4”) @ +9.1dBV unbalanced
  • Balanced Output 2 (1/4”) @ +27.7dBu
  • RCA Output 2 (RCA) @ +21.5dBu
  • Headphone Output 1 (1/4”)
  • Footswitch Input 1 (1/4”)
  • Voltage / Amps 12V DC / 3.0
Stanton SC SYSTEM 1 Video
SC SYSTEM 1 Product Overview
SC System 1 Video

scs.1mThis mixer-only setup allows for basic mixing and transport control of software decks. Thanks to the SCS.1m's built-in audio interface capabilities, it's perfect for DJs wanting an all-in-one solution to play from their software into a PA system.

SCS.1m + SCS.1d

scs.1m and scs.1dThis mixer-and-deck configuration can be used to emulate a dual-deck setup by using virtual decks for controlling transport, loop, and effects, while using the mixer to blend and EQ songs and sounds. This system is the perfect entry into the world of professional SC System laptop mixing.

SCS.1m + Dual SCS.1d

scs.1m and scs.1dThis setup recreates the “traditional” DJ system, allowing users to have two physical decks, each representing an on-screen deck (which can easily be toggled to four decks by using virtual decks). The mixer is used for blending, channel EQ, etc. in a traditional manner. This setup is tailored towards professional DJs wanting to replace their existing setup with an SC System controller-based solution.

Dual SCS.1d + traditional DJ mixer

Dual SCS.1d + traditional DJ mixerThe SCS.1d Decks can be used with an existing sound card to send audio outputs from DJ software into an existing analog DJ mixer. This allows users to incorporate SC System decks into their system while using their favorite traditional DJ mixer.

SCS.1m + traditional turntables SCS.1m + traditional turntables

The SCS.1m mixer can be incorporated into Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) that support MIDI control by running the timecode into a sound card and using the SCS.1m's built-in MIDI functionality to control the user's preferred DJ software.

Stanton SCS.1M Reviews
DJ Fame

DJ FameRecently, I have added the SCS.1M to my studio set up as my main control surface. It has tons of flexibility which allows me to get my hands back ON the mix in my Ableton sessions and has proven itself to be a vital piece in my productions. The provided presets are definitely enough to get you going, and mapping custom controls are a snap. With multiple user banks left open, I can literally control every channel strip on my mix, (including EQ’s, sends/returns, and more) with a single 4 channel midi console. That means touching actual faders, knobs, and buttons to get a “feel” on the mix making it accurate, fast and intuitive.

DJ Delin Quent

DJ Delin Quent The SCS.1M was the hero of my memorial day, 2010. A pool party with 4 DJs is no joke, especially when it comes to getting 4 random DJs playing through the same set of speakers. My equipment made the back area look like a christmas tree, with wires for decorations, and all my inputs on my mixer (sound board), eq and compressor were all taken up. With 1 remaining DJ who didn't have XLR or 1/4" cables, I was about to tell him no dice, when I suddenly remembered that the SCS.1M has 1 through channel. So I hooked him in, set Deck 3 in Traktor to "through" and let him do his thing. Not being used as intended, but this time I don't see that as being a bad thing.

Something else to note about this, is the fact that I was using the beta Windows 7 drivers the entire day. We started playing at mid-day and didn't stop 'till after 7 or 8. No hiccups, bugs, restarts or issues. I should also note that my firewire card is made by ricoh who is known to be problematic, I used to have known issues with my Final Scratch and unfortunately had to depart with it, however my SCS.1 system seems to handle the data load efficiently enough for my firewire connection to remain stable.

Side note 2, the SCS.3 was my controller of choice for the day, and EVERYONE was impressed with it. Surprised at the responsiveness of the hardware and the size, and the flexible capabilities of such a tiny device. I'm looking forward to learning more about this device and using it more efficiently.

Stanton SC SYSTEM 1 Downloads
SCS.1D Firmware Version 1.27

The new firmware version 1.27 enables much better platter performance in Traktor Pro, and it’s highly recommended that users update. PLEASE read the documentation linked below before running the firmware update. Please note that the current firmware versions are 1.27 for the SCS.1d, and 1.24 for the SCS.1m. The flash software linked below will flash either the SCS.1m or SCS.1d to those versions.

» Updating SCS.1 Firmware (pdf) » SCS.1 Firmware Flasher for Windows » SCS.1 Firmware Flasher for OSX SCS.1 DaRouter Software

The SCS.1 DaRouter software serves several purposes. First and most importantly, it allows communication between your SCS.1 hardware and the software you want to control. Second, it allows users to benefit from “presets” that automatically configure the SCS.1 controller for the supported application. And finally, it gives immediate access to help documentation (by pressing the “?” button). Remember, the DaRouter software must be running in the background when you’re using your SCS.1 controllers.

» SCS.1 DaRouter Installer for Windows » SCS.1 DaRouter Installer for OSX » Installing DaRouter in Windows (pdf) » Installing DaRouter in OSX (pdf) » About SCS.1 Darouter (pdf) SCS.1 ASIO driver for Windows ONLY

Windows users will need to install this ASIO driver in order to use the SCS.1 controllers. This driver is needed before your SCS.1 controllers will be detected properly by the operating system. If you see that you are having device detection issues, please run this ASIO installer and follow the instructions. This driver is compatible with 32 and 64bit Windows operating systems.

» SCS.1 ASIO driver (Windows XP, Vista, 7) » Installing the SCS.1 ASIO driver (pdf) Configuring your SCS.1 Controller for Traktor Pro

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Traktor Pro for use with your SCS.1 controller.

» Configuring Traktor Pro and SCS.1 (pdf) Configuring your SCS.1 Controller for Ableton Live

This guide will walk you through getting your SCS.1m to work with Ableton Live.

» Configuring Ableton Live and SCS.1 (pdf) Other Data » Firewire Chipsets and Cables (pdf)