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Stanton SCS.3M Rain Certified

Meet the SCS.3m, the latest innovation in Stanton's award winning SC System® MIDI controller line. The SCS.3m translates the DJ-friendly design philosophy of a traditional DJ mixer into a portable, easy-to-use control surface built with the acclaimed StanTouch® touch sensitive technology introduced in its deck controller counterpart, the SCS.3d.

The SCS.3m incorporates all of the functions of a two channel DJ mixer, plus a host of innovative new performance features made possible by Stanton's unique touch sensitive control surface. The touch sensitive sliders can be used to tweak EQs, allowing you to bring in different elements of a song during a mix, or instantly switch them to control FX parameters... all in one surface. The wide, touch-sensitive crossfader not only allows for seamless slow blends between decks, but is also able to detect (like the rest of the sliders) multiple finger presses, allowing for quick transform effects all in one control. The multicolor buttons can easily perform transport controls for starting and stopping playback, setting loops, doing EQ kills, or engaging effects without requiring a separate trigger controller. All of the visual indicators stay 100% in sync with applications supporting MIDI feedback, allowing for clear indication of the software settings and positions in low light situations. Additionally, the unique touch sensitive surface provides a new level of durability, since there are no moving parts to wear or break.

A SC SYSTEM 3 Controller

The SCS.3m can be used as a standalone controller for basic software mixing, but when paired with the SCS.3d deck controllers, give you an unparalleled MIDI control rig that allows you to plug and play anywhere in the world within minutes. With a built-in powered USB hub and magnetic connecting system, the SCS.3m can be easily connected to one or more SCS.3d controllers for a high tech version of a full traditional DJ setup... without the weight, size and connectivity issues.

4 Channel Control

The SCS.3m features two channel strips for control of two channels of a software mixer at any one time. However, each channel strip can be switched to control an additional two channels for a total of four channels of control with the 3m, providing a scalable interface while remaining portable at the same time. When switching between decks the 3m will remember which control mode each deck was on (FX or EQ) and will automatically update the sliders to that channel's last settings.

EQ / FX Control Modes

The 4 touch sensitive sliders and 4 buttons in each channel strip can be switched to control either EQ or FX functions (or remapped for other on screen controls). This allows for 8 parameters and 8 buttons to be accessed within each channel (deck). When switching between control modes the sliders and button states will automatically update to reflect their correct settings.


The built in powered 4-port USB hub can be used to connect additional SCS.3 products to the SCS.3m allowing a single USB cable to be connected to the computer. With 2 ports on the rear of the unit it's possible to connect devices very quickly for fast setups in mobile environments. 2 additional ports on the inside of the back panel of the SCS.3m allow cables to be routed from additional 3 series controllers or storage devices such as flash drives. With a power connection the USB hub ensures that devices receive enough power for complete stability in any performance environment.


Every SCS.3m comes with the ability to unlock the LE version of Native Instruments' award winning Traktor PRO software. One of the first true Traktor LE controllers, the SCS.3m is specifically designed to incorporate full application feedback from Traktor, ensuring complete parity between hardware and software. iTunes® integration, broad file compatibility, and an advanced tempo detection / synchronization engine enables you to easily browse your music collection, load a song, sync the decks for an automatic perfect beat match, and start mixing in no time, even without any DJ experience. For the more accomplished DJ, Traktor LE also opens the door to advanced performance techniques such as dropping FX and looping for live remixing.

Intelligent Firmware

The SCS.3m features 3 intelligent firmware control modes for use with different types of applications. Standard mapping into popular DJ software such as Traktor Pro®, Deckadance®, Ableton Live®, Mixvibes or any other MIDI compatible software is achievable and easy via traditional MIDI learn. When doing MIDI learn the 3m will drive all its feedback to buttons and sliders automatically. When using software which supports MIDI feedback the 3m can also only send control information to the application and receive all of the control settings back from application. Last but not least the SCS.3m will work in a completely flat state so every button and LED can be programmed towards for use with DaRouter® and presets or applications which natively support the SCS.3m.

SCS.3's center section operates mainly in 3 different modes - Slider, Circle, and Button mode. These 3 different control layouts can be evoked by any of the mode buttons depending on how the DaRouter preset is programmed.

SCS.3M Tech Specifications Control Specifications (physical)
  • 17 Buttons
  • 11 Sliders
  • 2 Level Meters
Control Specifications (banked in firmware)
  • 39 Sliders
  • 36 Buttons
  • 6 Level Meters
MIDI Specifications
  • Standard note messages for each control
  • Relative control change movement message for each slider
  • Absolute position control change messages for each slider
  • Multiple feedback modes for LED chains (single LED, sweep, boost/cut, spread)
  • Multicolor (blue, red, purple) control
USB Specifications
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 class compliant MIDI controller
  • USB bus-powered*
Power Specifications
  • 12V DC / 1500mA
System Requirements:
  • Mac: Power PC G5 or multicore Intel® processor Mac OS X (v10.4 or later), Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM
  • Windows XP (SP2, 32 Bit) or Vista (SP1, 32 Bit, 64 Bit) Pentium IV or Athlon 1.4 GHz (SSE1), 1 GB RAM
  • Internet connection for Traktor LE activation and DaRouter download
Form Factor:

    Dimensions for each SCS.3 component (H x W x D):

    • 8.52 in. x 4.72 in. x 1.38 in.
    • 216.5 mm x 120 mm x 35.25 mm

    Dimensions for the entire SC SYSTEM 3:

    • 8.52 in. x 14.16 in. x 1.38 in.
    • 216.5 mm x 360 mm x 35.25 mm
  • SCS.3d – 1.10 lbs / 0.499 kg
  • SCS.3m – 1.16 lbs / 0.526 kg

* USB hub / port must meet USB power specification, when internal USB hub is used additional power must be supplied to unit.

Stanton SCS.3M Support
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Stanton SCS.3M Preset Guides
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Stanton SCS.3M Functionality Guides

Enjoy your new setup and start mixing by following the guide in your owners manual or for online reference read up on the functionality for each preset by following the below links:

» SCS.3m LE Preset Functionality
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Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 Guides
» View Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 Function Guide » View Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 Quick Start Guide Midi Translator ®

DaRouter is “Powered by Midi Translator”, which means its uses the extremely reliable and tested real time processing engine developed by Bome Software for Midi Translator. Midi Translator is the editor (as well as the player) for preset files which run inside of DaRouter. All the presets for DaScratch are first developed in Midi Translator then tested in DaRouter, so DaRouter is simply a sibling of Midi Translator.

Midi Translator may be utilized by power users to modify and create presets to be run inside DaRouter. For more information on Midi Translator and other Bome Software products, visit:


Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 Set Ups

1 SCS.3d

scs3dOne SCS.3d is capable of controlling 2 virtual decks in your favorite DJ software through the use of Deck Switching logic built into the preset. A single unit is also the perfect compliment to any DVS (like Serato Scratch Live or Traktor Scratch).

1 SCS.3m

scs.3mThe SCS.3m can be used on it's own for basic transport and DJ mixing controls for playing songs in any mobile environment.

2 SCS.3d

2 SCS.3dThis setup gives you more flexibility, allowing for simultaneous control of 2 decks. On either side of a laptop, they deliver a compact and complete DJ software control solution for beginners and experts alike. And when connected to each other using Stanton's Magnect technology, you have a portable 2 deck control surface that fits easily on a desk or a DJ booth.

2 SCS.3m

2 SCS.3mMultiple SCS.3m's can be used to gain more channel control for applications such as Abelton Live.

SCS.3m + SCS.3d

SCS.3m + SCS.3dThe SCS.3m and SCS.3d can be used for extended control of the decks in software. A single SCS3d can be used to toggle between virtual decks or multiple SCS.3d's can be used for direct control of each deck while the SCS.3m remains fixed to controlling the software mixer functions.

2 SCS.3d + Traditional DJ Setup

SCS.3d + Traditional DJ Setup

The ultimate setup for DVS users. This allows you to bring the kind of power and control previously only available on high end mixers into your own setup. And you don't have to sacrifice mixer functionality to get it.

Stanton SCS.3M Reviews

DJ Big WizThe STANTON SCS 3M is a great midi controller for the Serato® VSL plug in and the new DJ FX inside of Scratch Live. The unit is very portable and rugged and built for travel -- it also has a 4 port USB hub and a storage compartment underneath it to store your USB cable. The SCS 3M allows me to control all 4 VSL video effects at once along with my channel and cross faders. Using it with the DJ FX in Scratch Live, I can control all 6 effects at once. The SCS 3M with all it offers at its price point is hands down the best midi controller for VSL and the DJ FX I have seen and used.

Stanton Downloads (Darouter & Presets)

Thank you for purchasing the SCS.3m or SC SYSTEM 3 Package with Traktor LE support. To set up your system you will need to download the latest versions of both Traktor LE® and Stanton’s DaRouter®. It’s important to note that you are downloading the Traktor LE DEMO, however after installation you will activate Traktor LE by running Native Instruments’ Service Center application. Please follow these steps to get started:

Download the latest version of Stanton DaRouter and Native Instrument’s Traktor Demo by clicking the link below. Enter your email address and Stanton will immediately email you the latest version of DaRouter and Traktor demo.

NOTE: It is highly suggested to subscribe to our updates newsletter to hear about new presets and product updates.

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