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Discontinued Stanton Mixers
RM.416 RM.416 Manual Manual Del Usario M.203 M.203 Manual M.207 M.207 Manual SMX.311 SMX.311 Manual SMX.202 SMX.202 Manual M.212 scs.1m Manual M.505 scs.1m Manual SK ONE scs.1m Manual SK-2 scs.1m ManualSK-2Fscs.1mSK-2F LTD.scs.1mSK FOURscs.1mSK-5scs.1m Manual SK-6Manual SK-6Fscs.1m Manual RM-406scs.1m ManualRM-404scs.1m ManualRM-100scs.1m ManualRM-80scs.1m ManualRM-22scs.1m ManualRM-50scs.1m ManualRM-3scs.1m ManualRM-3Sscs.1mESM-11scs.1m Manual VRM-10scs.1m Manual SA-12scs.1m Manual SA-8scs.1m Manual SA-3 SA.3 Manual SA-5scs.1m Manual SMX-501scs.1m ManualSMX-401scs.1m ManualSMX-301scs.1m ManualSMX-211scs.1m Manual SMX-201scs.1m Manual M-304scs.1m ManualM-303scs.1m ManualM-202scs.1m ManualM-201scs.1m ManualRM-402scs.1m Manual
Discontinued Stanton CD Players / Media Players
CMP.800 CMP.800 Manual C.324 C.324 Manual CM.205 scs.1m Manual C.504 scs.1m Manual C.503 scs.1m Manual C.501 scs.1m ManualC.500 scs.1m Manual C.400 scs.1m Manual C.314 scs.1m Manual

C.314 Firm ware update V1121.

Improved MP3 buffer.


  • In order to install this update please download the approiate .ISO file.
  • Using the approiate software, burn the file to a disc as an ISO image at a burn speed no faster that 8x.
V1121 installation instructions. download Magic Iso.

download the NRG.Iso file.

(Nero required for burning).

download Standard .Iso File.

(Compatible with any ISO burning software).

C.313 scs.1m Manual C.313 Updates C.304 scs.1m Manual C.303 scs.1m Manual S.750 scs.1mS.700 scs.1m Manual S.650 scs.1m Manual S.550 scs.1m Manual S.500 Manual S.450 scs.1m Manual S.350 scs.1m Manual S.300 s300 ManualS.252 scs.1m ManualS.250 scs.1m Manual
Discontinued Stanton CD Mixers
CM.203 scs.1m Manual
Discontinued Stanton Turntables
STR8.150 STR8.150 Manual ST.150 ST.150 Manual T.62 T.62 Manual T.92 USB T.92 USB Manual ST.90scs.1m Manual STR8-100 scs.1m ManualSTR8-90scs.1m ManualSTR8-80scs.1m Manual STR8-60scs.1mSTR8-50 scs.1mSTR8-30scs.1mSTR8-20scs.1mT.90 USBscs.1m ManualT.80scs.1m ManualT.60scs.1m Manual T.50scs.1m ManualT.120scs.1m Manual
Discontinued Stanton Mixers
A.900 scs.1m Manual A.1800scs.1mManualA.2800scs.1mManual
Discontinued Stanton Accessories
Uberstand scs.1m DJ Laptop Bag scs.1mH4-S scs.1m
Discontinued Stanton DJ Packages
Digipak Pro V5 Digipak Pro V5 Manual Digipak MP3 Digipak MP3 DJLab 2.1 scs.1m Manual DJLab 1.1scs.1mManualDJLab.3scs.1mManual DJLab.2scs.1mManual DJLab.1scs.1mManual DJ 101 PAKscs.1m SPIN CYCLE PAKscs.1mSKRATCH PAK IIscs.1mMIX PAK PROscs.1mDIGIPAK PRO.V3scs.1mDIGIPAK PRO.V2scs.1mDIGIPAKscs.1m
Discontinued Stanton Final Scratch 2
Final Scratch 2 scs.1m Manual

FS 2 for Mac


FS 2 for Windows


FS 2 ScratchAmp Driver (Windows XP Only)

Download Driver

FS 2 ScratchAmp Windows Vista driver (alpha release)

Download Driver

FS 2 Native Instruments Updates FS 2 updates

FinalScratch OPEN offers you the freedom of choice, allowing you to decide which dj software application fits your performance needs, utilizing the state of the art Stanton ScratchAmp™. Still the strongest feature- for- value FireWire® audio interface available today, the ScratchAmp delivers maximum audio throughput with minimal latency.

OPEN Options: The World Class Stanton ScratchAmp

ScratchAmp is a generic but powerful audio interface tailored towards the inputs and outputs that a performing DJ would require when using software. Because the ScratchAmp is an ASIO / WDM device on Windows and is a class compliant CoreAudio device on the MacOS, it can work with virtually every audio application on the planet. Traditional non pro-audio applications will work with the WDM driver and CoreAudio compliancy, allowing programs such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, PowerDVD and games to utilize the ScratchAmp. The Asio and CoreAudio compatibility ensure that pro-audio applications such as Cubase, Project 5, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason and others will run flawlessly with the sound card. The interface allows you to plug in your turntables, CD players, headphones and microphone to industry-standard 24-bit/96kHz converters for studio-quality sound, perfect for utilizing any software that does not ship with a soundcard, such as MixVibes, DeckaDance, Ableton Live, Virtual DJ, OtsDJ, PCDJ and more.

A Note to Our Loyal FinalScratch DJs

As we progress into the new year, Stanton would like to address our FinalScratch loyals, and give you a little insight as to where we're headed. Led by our original launch of the FinalScratch technology, the world of digital DJing has grown and developed immensely over recent years, and Stanton remains highly committed to this movement. Our strategy is and has always been to stay focused on releasing only the most innovative digital solutions, based on emerging technologies, and on what makes sense through the eyes of the DJ.

We will continue to support our loyal users, and over the coming year you will see a digital product strategy unfold from Stanton that gives you the tools you need to reach performance abilities you never thought possible as a DJ, allowing you to take full advantage of the digital DJ technology that we pioneered with FinalScratch.

FinalScratch OPEN

The first step in our strategy is to introduce you to FinalScratch OPEN. Today, there are a number of feature-filled DJ softwares available that offer many ways to build your performance. We think one of the greatest advantages we offer you with FinalScratch OPEN is the freedom to choose the ones that benefit you most. The most important thing to know here is that you don't need to buy any hardware - you already have it. Your Stanton ScratchAmp is a state- of-the-art low latency FireWire 96k / 24 bit audio interface that is compatible for use with a variety of software applications, making it an ideal solution for programs that do not currently ship with a sound card, such as MixVibes, Deckadance, Ableton Live, Traktor DJ Studio, PCDJ, and the like, and providing the connections needed from turntables, cd players, and microphones.

Because the ScratchAmp is an ASIO/WDM device on Windows and is a class compliant CoreAudio device on the MacOS, it can work with virtually every audio application on the planet. The Asio and CoreAudio compatibility ensure that pro-audio applications such as Cubase, Project 5, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, and others will run flawlessly with the sound card.


Stanton has now opened the Final Scratch format, allowing all software companies, big and small, to take advantage of time code support. We believe that by providing this technology free of charge to developers, as well as linking its use with the ScratchAmp, FinalScratch users will now enjoy an unbelievable new realm of possibility. FinalScratch OPEN now has the potential to become a cross software standard for vinyl control.

With FinalScratch OPEN, we are now shipping the world-class Stanton ScratchAmp as a standalone piece at an incredible value, and working with software developers to offer DJs the opportunity to choose the option thatÕs best for them. As an existing ScratchAmp owner, you can enjoy this benefit immediately! Stay tuned for the next steps...

The Power of FireWire

The ScratchAmp is expertly engineered, using FireWire protocol to process multi-channel audio with minimal latency, allowing the software decks to respond as quickly as your hands. A FireWire Thru port lets you connect an iPod™or external hard drive. The ScratchAmp's integrated switching power supply can be powered directly off of the FireWire bus of a Mac laptop or powered externally when permanently installed or used with a PC laptop.

Built-in MIDI technology

Thanks to its MIDI In and Out ports, the ScratchAmp is ready to connect with many of the vast MIDI controllers available for additional "hands-on" control. The small and rugged aluminum chassis is perfect for home use or on the road.

ScratchAmp Specifications

Audio Specifications
Frequency Response- Line/ Mic 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1.0 dB
Frequency Response- Phono RIAA +/- 1.0 dB
THD+N 0.005% at 1 kHz
S/N Ratio (ref: full scale) ADC 48 kHz: 105 dB (A-weighted)
ADC 96 kHz: 100 dB (A-weighted)
DAC 110 dB (A-weighted)
Crosstalk < -90 dB at 1 kHz (Channel to Channel)
Sample Rates Supported 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz
Bit Resolution 24 bit
Driver Specifications
Latency < 2 ms
Driver Support Windows XP & XP 64-bit (ASIO, WDM) / MacOSX (CoreAudio)
Power Specifications
Firewire Bus Power 8 V to 30 V 10 watts
External Power Adapter 9 VDC
Discontinued Stanton Cartridges
Trackmaster.v3 Trackmaster.v3 SM.v3 SM.v3 680.v3 680.v3 680E.v3 680E.v3 400.v3 400.v3 681 EEE MK III 681 EEE MK III L720EE L720EE 500.v3 500.v3 iTRACK scs.1m605 SK scs.1m881 MK II scs.1mGroovemaster II Proscs.1mTrackmaster II RSscs.1mTrackmaster II SKscs.1mDiscmaster IIscs.1m890 SA scs.1m 680 HPscs.1m680 EL IIscs.1m520SKscs.1m505SKscs.1m500 AL IIscs.1m680HiFiscs.1m500E MK IIscs.1m
Discontinued Stanton Controllers/SC Systems
DJC.4 DJC.4 Manual SCS.4DJ SCS4DJ Manual SC System 1 SC System 1 SCS.1M Manual
SCS.1D Manual SC System 3 SC System 3 Manual
Discontinued Stanton Software
Scratch DJ Academy MIX DJ Software Scratch DJ Academy MIX DJ Software Manual